Revamping our Friend Morris

Morris is our second main guy here atĀ Morris is the idea thinker, the genius behind all of this. He did need a bit of a revamp, so I decided to paint him. I wanted an untidy kind of look. I’m not really a painter, which made it twice as hard. So the first thing I had to do was buy paints and a paintbrush. I went to my local Arts and Hobby and picked it all out, went for fast drying paint because I thought it would dry in a few minutes and I’m not very patient! I came home, got set up and started painting. It was really difficult because I didn’t really want to touch Morris as he was wet from the paint. I gave up trying not to touch MorrisĀ  and the wet paint 30 seconds later. When it was all finished I put Morris outside to dry, thinking it might help. Then the first problem started … the kitchen smelt of paint and then secondly I noticed when I was cleaning that some of the paint would not come off the kitchen sink. Coming back to Morris, he had still had not dried so I decided that the paint was not actually fast drying. So I left Morris for the night and he was all dry by the morning. I put the notes back in him and sat him back on my table.


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